terça-feira, 11 de setembro de 2012

Full Length Shows - Animal X Natural Mystery Unit

Animal X TV is dedicated to the Animal X TV series, both the original first two series, now known as Animal X Classic and Animal X Natural Mystery Unit.
Animal X is the first international series dedicated to investigating and reporting on the bizarre world of animal mysteries.
From Bigfoot to animals that predict earthquakes, Animal X looks at the credible and the incredible. As we say (with due respect to William Shakespeare): "There are stranger things in heaven and earth ...and you'll see them on Animal X."
You'll see and hear eyewitness accounts, mixed with dramatic reconstructions of the events. Plus top scientific analysis, we speak to the world's best experts who give us their opinion. Interesting stuff.
But best of all you get to make up your own mind on whether Bigfoot exists, whether fish really do fall from the sky, or whether el Chupacabras is an alien or alias.
Animal X investigate the unexplained world of animal and natural phenomenon.

Animal X Natural Mystery Unit

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